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Duragel Suspension Sleeve from Silipos

Model: 84SIL18-S
SKU: 84SIL18-S

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The Duragel Suspension Sleeve has Gel that helps provide a secure distal seal with socket, while moisturizing skin at proximal seal.  It is easy to don/doff even for patients with limited dexterity.

The Reinforced Model of this Sleeve has fabric on both surfaces around the knee area.  The Duragel Sleeve comes in one Length ( 15" ), but it may be cut to Size, seams will not unravel.

SIZE                       REGULAR                     REINFORCED 

MEDIUM                 84SIL18181                  84SIL18191

MEDIUM PLUS        84SIL18182                  84SIL18192

LARGE                   84SIL18183                  84SIL18193

LARGE PLUS          84SIL18184                 84SIL18194

Sizing: If patient uses Medium Explorer Liner, use Medium Plus Suspension Sleeve. 


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