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Amputee & Prosthetic Supplies » Prosthetic Skin Care Products   (6 Items)
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ALPS Prosthetic Ointment 4 fl oz (118ml) P0840
Model: P0840 | SKU: P0840

Prosthetic Ointment that Soothes and Protects the Skin

$ 46.95

ALPS Prosthetic Lubricant 16 fl oz (472ml) PA604
Model: PA604 | SKU: PA604

70% Isopropyl Alcohol Prosthetic Lubricant for Silicone Liners

$ 35.00

ALPS Prosthetic Cleanser 16 fl oz (472ml) PD595
Model: PD595 | SKU: PD595

Prosthetic Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

$ 35.00

ALPS Skin Lotion 32 fl oz (944ml) SL108-32
Model: SL108-32 | SKU: SL108-32

Prosthetic Skin Lotion for Sensitive Skin



$ 85.00

ALPS Skin Lotion 4 fl oz (118ml) SL108-4
Model: SL108-4 | SKU: SL108-4
Prosthetic Skin Lotion for Sensitive Skin

$ 39.95

Alps Prosthetic Antiperspirant Spray
Model: ATP008 | SKU: ATP008

This product was specifically engineered
to help users stay cool by eliminating and
controlling the issues surrounding excess

$ 34.00

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