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Alps Extreme Gel Liner


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The Extreme Cushion Prosthetic Liner was specifically designed to meet the needs of transfemoral and active transtibial amputees. With 80% less vertical stretch than our other gel liners, the AKFR is made to with stand the demands of high activity users. Manufactured with ALPS GripGel, the Extreme Cushion Liner contains properties that have been specially formulated to assist patients with donning and suspension.

Designed with the user in mind, the ALPS Extreme Prosthetic Locking Liner is the perfect fit for transfemoral and active transtibial amputees. The Extreme offers 80% less vertical stretch than our other gel liners, which allows users to experience more control and stability during increased activity. The AKDT is formulated with ALPS GripGel, which contains properties that help facilitate the donning process as well as reduce pistoning and bunching behind the knee.

The Extreme Liner features the following:

    • Limited vertical stretch reduces movement of redundant tissue

    • High circumferential stretch to assist with form fitting

    • Wider distal end for ease of donning

    • Offered as both a locking and cushion liner

    • Distal ends are proportionate to the size of the liner

    • Extended warranty with the purchase of two liners

  • Available in two different thicknesses: 3mm uniform, 6 mm uniform

For best results, the AKDT Locking Liner should be used with healthy skin tissue only. Patients with grafted skin or adherent scar tissue should consider using a prosthetic liner formulated with our EasyGel, which helps to eliminate shear forces on the skin.

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